Five Minute Friday: Hold

A loved one had sent me several unfair and hurtful messages of accusation, insult, and blame. For months I felt defensive, sad, and angry.

In a desperate moment, I decided to print and place the words into a small wooden box. I set the box on our home altar, put a small candle on top, and left it there. Each time I passed our altar, I was reminded that I no longer held the hurt; the box did. I simply prayed for the messenger.

One day I noticed I was no longer paying attention to the box! I sensed that God had taken the words from the box and was holding them for me. The box and its “empty” words have now been moved to a corner of my closet, usually unseen or forgotten. Someday they may be completely gone – from our home and my heart.  

When our wounds and burdens are too much for us to hold, we can give them to the One who can. The One who not only holds them but hides them. The One who not only holds us but heals us. The One who forgives and frees – both the messenger and the recipient.   

(Five Minute Friday is an online writing community. Each week, we are given a one-word prompt and five minutes to write. You may find other thoughts at the link below the image.)

22 Comments on “Five Minute Friday: Hold

  1. What a cool idea, a box for hurtful words!

    If you hold on to each grievance
    and every hurtful word,
    you’ll surely lose your balance
    and fall upon the sword
    that someone placed before you
    in malice or in spite;
    even if that person’s point of view
    proclaims it is their right,
    you need not take the bleeding cut
    that may come to haunt your days;
    close the book and keep it shut,
    and put the hurt away
    in God’s good and tender care,
    tand hen walk on, and breathe free air.


    • Thanks, Andrew, I found it helpful to have a tangible reminder. Your poem, as always, is so rich and powerful. Wow! I am saving this one, too.


  2. “When our wounds and burdens are too much for us to hold, we can give them to the One who can” – thank you. I’m glad you are no longer bound by the hurt x


  3. This symbolic act is beautiful! The literal implications are even more amazing. I, too, carry hurt that I need to let go of and I have struggled. I pray God’s hands become my box so that I can release the pain once and for all.

    Amie, FMF #16


    • Thank you, Amie, and bless you. I have found that these symbolic acts serve as reminders to keep my focus where it should be. ❤


  4. I “Breathe” and I smile, as I take each word of this post in and let it warm my heart and my soul. Thank you.

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  5. Wow such truth in your words. How many of us have been there. The box was a great reminder and may try myself. X Loretta


  6. Karen, I just wanted to let you know, your words touched me today. I had something similar happen, and it is now tucked away and really almost gone. Your post was very encouraging to me, thank you so much. Blessings to you. (Visit from FMF # 21)


  7. Karen, what a lovely idea and I am so glad it helped you❣️ I used to hold things in and “grieve”over them but now from the time Bob got sick l told God l didn’t have time or energy to do anything except take care of Bob so l finally had to relinquish complete control to Him! I do have more time now but l have not had any need to try and hold on to anything and Just really “ Let go and Let God” l think you too probably will not let the hurts of humans get to you either! Just give God the words! Again, I always follow your post and read Andrew’s contribution to us all! What an amazing man!
    Blessings and Prayers❣️❤️💕💖🙏🙏🙏


    • The letting go might be a life-long lesson, but such a good lesson! Thank you, Pat. And YES, Andrew always blesses us with his profound and creative spirit. Blessings and prayers for you, too! ❤


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